Reclining Chairs

In case of a power failure the chair has an optional limited battery supply. In such an emergency backup battery automatically provides energy adequate to return the patient in a safe and convenient position.

The adjustable footrest provides relaxation of the leg muscles for upright seated patients, and serves as a adjustable support for those patients who feel cramping during procedures. Patients may adjust the foot rest for additional leg space. Variable presetting of the footrest for parients of any height and additional telescopic action allows for a wide range of adjustment.

Each cushion is only attached to the hard structure by the rim of the plastic shell and by velcro patches. For ease of cleaning or repair the cushions are readily detachable without the need of disassembly. A rubber seal between the cushion and the plastic shell prevents entry of fluids and stuffs the edges of the rim.

Technical Specifications

Length (in seating position):     52 “
Length (in Flat position):            76”
Width:                                               33 1/2”
Height (in seating position):      54”
Power requirement:                     220 V 60 Hz 100 W
Control Voltage:                            24 V dc
Actuator Motor:                             220 V AC (thermally protected)

Model 215-K
Designed in close cooperation with medical professionals, Model 215-K reclining chair was created for ambulatory nephrological treatment (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis), transfusion medicine (plasmapheresis, blood cell separation) and oncology.

The chair has been designed to provide versatility and ease of use that are vital in today’s patient care environment. The cushioned area of the chair consists of three hinged segments. The adjustment of the back section and the leg segment can be adjusted simultaneously and individually with the use of one/two electric motors (215-K-02 for two motor system).

Lengthening the base between the front an rear castors and mechanical reinforcement of the gear drives has resulted in considerable improvement in tilt resistance and stability of the chair. Even if a patient or staff member sits accidently on the horizontal leg segment of the chair it would not tip over or break

Upholstered wide armrests on both sides contribute to a high sitting comfort. A lock type ball and socket joint provides infinite adjustments for both inclination and swivel of the armrest. The armrest can be lifted upwards for easy entry and exit from the chair.